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Director of the Research Group on Critical Theory and Frankfurt School.

Research interests:

  • Sociological concepts of Critical Theory
  • Discourse Studies
  • Discrimination and Racism

Research projects

  • Contemporary Representations of Mass Violence Perpetrator: Concepts, Narratives, and Images


    Financed by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Industry and Competitivity (HAR2017-83519-P)

  • ALRECO - Hate Speech, Racism and Xenophobia: ALert and COordinated REsponse mechanisms


    Financed by the European Union 2017 Rights, Equality and Citizenship Work Programme (REC-RRAC-HATE-AG-2017)

  • Decolonizing Development


    Financed by European Cooperation in Science & Technology


    • Constelaciones del autoritarismo


      Financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

    PhD Students

    Orfeo Balboa Ruiz – Dinámicas de adaptación y pervivencia del antisemitismo en el Siglo XXI: Estrategias de explicitación y lucha contra el antisemitismo.

    Onur Yamaner – Syrian Women Refugees in Turkey: Mothers as new providers, young girls as second wives with the focus on gender based discrimination.

    José Lorente Marco – Capitalismo como sistema de desprecio.

    Jaspar Roe – Rohingya identity in mainstream media.