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Johannes Beetz, Benno Herzog, Jens Maesse
Critical Discourse Studies 15(4): 321-324
Publication year: 2018

This year marks the 200th birthday of Karl Marx, one of the most influential thinkers of the social sciences and humanities. We take this anniversary as an opportunity to explore the various relations between Marx(ism) and Discourse Studies. From its beginnings, particularly in France, discourse analysis and theory have been heavily influenced by Marxist analyses of the social. Simultaneously, over the course of the past few decades, discourse theories and ana- lyses have helped shape contemporary Marxism and provided much needed critiques of ortho- dox Marxist economism and Marxism’s neglection of phenomena traditionally counted as belonging the ‘superstructure’. This Special Issue was born out of the desire to collectively reflect on these relations and discuss the relevance of Marxian concepts and ideas for Discourse Studies today.